Possibilitarian Puppet Theater’s mission was to encourage and cultivate “Possibility-Based” living and thinking through the medium of puppetry, which includes all of the Arts: Music, Painting, Sculpting, Dance, Poetry, Drama, and Design.  The Possibilitarians hoped to do this in a number of ways by:

  • Creating cultural productions that expand the viewers’ understanding and experience of what is possible: aesthetically, socially, politically, personally, and educationally.
  • Connecting people with each other who may not otherwise meet by doing public theater events that serve as a means of drawing public together, and bringing people into new and/or important spaces or places.
  • Bringing celebration, merriment, fun, entertainment, and thought-provoking ideas and perspectives into non-conventional theater spaces like: urban gardens, art-galleries, parks, vacant storefronts, churches, and best of all, the quintessential public place: the street.
  • Doing workshops which expose participants to the inherent accessibility of art making with cheap materials and its beneficial effect on the spirit of the cheap art maker and those around them regardless of skill level or “career prospects.”  These workshops also offered an oppurunity for participants to explore a theme, or idea and develop a deeper relationship to it by presenting it in the form of a theater piece.

Also, Possibilitarianism worked to overcome Things-are-stuck-like-they-are-They-always-have-been-and-always-will-beism.



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